About the Grainger Foundation

Established in 1949, The Grainger Foundation, a long-term benefactor of the College of Engineering at Illinois, has made a pledge to ensure the continued global standing of the engineering program at Illinois by providing the support and infrastructure necessary for Illinois to lead the most important engineering breakthroughs of the future.  Engineering at Illinois combines rigor and a culture that embraces collaboration and approachability. The Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative, launched with a $100 million gift from The Grainger Foundation in 2013, is perfectly suited to that distinctive culture. It focuses on bioengineering and big data, fields that grow from collaborative and multidisciplinary roots.  The College of Engineering has been actively developing data analytics in the health domain through programs such as CompGen and the Center for Computational Biotchnology and Genomic Medicine (CCGBM) which has led to the creation of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Driven Health Data Systems and Analytics